Peanut Fried Rice Recipe

As a recent transplant to New York City, one of my big learning curves was saving money in such an expensive city! I learned quickly that rice dishes are a very easy way to save money while making delicious food. Fried rice is cheap, easy to make and is as versatile as a leather jacket. Check out my recipe for this creamy dreamy peanut fried rice!

forever7resh (7) copy

Minced garlic
Chopped white onions
Chopped red bell pepper
1 cup peanut butter
1.5 cups soy sauce
Chili powder
2 cups coconut milk
Day old cooked jasmine rice
Shredded rotisserie chicken
White sugar
Vegetable cooking oil

Step 1:
Chop and mince white onion, garlic and red bell pepper

Step 2:
Shred rotisserie chicken

Step 3:
Mix soy sauce, chopped onion, chili powder, honey, sugar and peanut butter ingredients in a bowl

Step 4:
Preheat frying pan on high for 2 minutes

Step 5:
Put onions, garlic and bell pepper into frying pan and lower to medium. Fry until slightly brown

Step 6:
Put shredded chicken into pan. Pour peanut butter sauce into frying pan and stir for 3-6 minutes

Step 7:
Add 2 cups of coconut milk and stir

Step 8:
Add day old jasmine rice liberally; stir for six minutes

Step 9:

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