4 Go To New York Men’s Outfits

Here in the capital of fashion, New York style is about 3 things: practicality, battling the elements and fresh shoes! In New York City’s gritty and lively streets, too much fashion is in bad taste. Clothing articles with too much color and low durability will not last the dirt and grime of public transportation and long commutes. Check out these five go to outfits that men can use for this urban jungle!

1. All black layers with beige Timbaland boots

This combination will look good on anyone, for any season and for every corner of New York City. All you need a black t-shirt, black jeans, a cardigan and most importantly–beige Timberland boots.

2. Military Print: Head to toe black with a military print jacket

Similar to the previous outfit, this look consists of a base of a black t-shirt, black jeans and black shoes–Jordans, Chucks or low cut boots will do. To top it off, invest in a very nice denim or cardboard jacket military print jacket. The key to this look is quality over quantity. You might have to open your pocket book for a quality military print jacket but it will last you for years; military print made from nice fabric looks better on you over time and you can wear it all times of the year!

3. White T-Shirt: White T-Shirt with jeans and boots

This outfit is the epitome of men’s summer fashion in New York. New York summers are scorching hot and this simple outfit is the best choice for battling the elements. Once again, quality is king! Don’t just buy a $2 white t-shirt from K-Mart just because it’s just a simple white t-shirt. Even spending a very reasonable $20-$30 on a nice white t-shirt from a brand like Calvin Klein or Versace will go a long way for this cool summer look. Top it off with some quality brown or black boots. Did I mention quality? A lot of these fashion choices do require a pretty dollar, but remember, these are longterm investments. A nice pair of boots will last you for years and it will save you money in the long run.

4. Leather jacket: White t-shirt, black jeans, white shoes

A leather jacket is the most classic New York fashion staple. You are not a New Yorker if you don’t own a leather jacket. Let me explain, a leather jacket fights the elements better than any fabric, it goes well with almost anything and it lasts you for years.

A typical base for this look is a white t-shirt, black jeans and white shoes–Adidas, Diesel or Chucks are good choices. Top it off with a leather jacket that fits your body well.

A leather jacket looks good with anything. Another base consists of monochromatic jeans and t-shirt; hunter green is very trendy at the moment.

Try out these four staple looks that any New York guy can go to right away. I suggest buying quality items and if your bank cannot afford this at the moment, save your money and wait until you can afford them!

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