David President Interview

Noir will be the title of the latest collection of D. President Attire. After having a breakout year in 2015, showcasing collections in fashion weeks across the country, David President, C.E.O. and designer of D. President Attire, is elevating his creative potential. Today we are talking with David about how he has come to this point in his designing career and what he has planned in the future.
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Tell me about your life as the C.E.O. and designer of D President Attire. What is the daily grind like?
The daily grind is extremely busy; not only do I run D.P.A. I’m also the director of sales and marketing for a corporation. Typically I grind from 6 P.M. to 12 A.M. everyday on D.P.A. I handle all aspect of the designs from sketch to finish. It’s a process (lol), but i manage. I also handle the marketing and administrative side, so things can get pretty hectic. I just try to balance it all out.

Take me back to the day when you first caught the fashion bug and when you first decided to become a fashion designer?
I always had a thing for fashion but i really didn’t expect to own my own designer label. It all began with some sketches I made. I had books of sketches just collecting dust so I decided to start a t-shirt line back in 2012. I launched the t-shirt line (Presidential Attire) in 2013. At that point I realized that I wanted to step my game up and really focus on the manufacturing and construction side of the business. So i applied myself and worked hard to learn these things. I had God sent help along the way and it made me work harder.

Before we get to your next collection, give me a recap of where DPA left off?
Where do i begin (lol). 2015 was a HUGE year for D.P.A. I did Christian Fashion week, where I showcased my first collection. I also did Eye on Fashion 2K15 where I showcased my second collection (Amy/Navy). It was huge. In addition, I showcased at VIP Exclusive fashion show and at La Okore in Philly, PA. I held my first official Launch Party in Tampa, FL and ended the year with a pop-up shop in Charleston, South Carolina. I’m still amazed I was able to do all of that.

Your Next Collection is titled Noir, an all black color collection. What influenced you to make such a bold move?
I love the color black.vThat was my main influence. When i think of the color black, Ithink of strength, purity, pain and most of all-confidence. When I first had the thought I said to myself, “this collection has to be groundbreaking.” For me its a form of art, so I did eight distinct pieces to include a combination of vests, shorts, sweaters and hoodies.

Where does your inspiration come from; are they sudden or do they have a source?
I’m truly inspired by my faith. It drives me keeps me on the right path. I try to be as strategic as possible but as an artist, when creativity takes over ,their’s nothing you can do. I’ve had instances where I started a collection and pushed it aside because I thought of something better. I guess it depends on the mood (lol).

What do you want to say with the Noir Collection?
I feel that this collection speaks to each individual differently. I want every person wearing D.P.A. to feel presidential.

What are your future plans for D.P.A?
2015 was huge; 2016 is lining up to be even bigger. I see great things for D.P.A. in the future; look forward to D.P.A. in a store near you soon!

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